This year, 2024, marks the hundredth birthday of Eduardo Chillida, one of the best known and most influential Basque artists of the 20th century. To celebrate it, the San Sebastián Jazz Festival will hold 5 concerts at Chillida Leku.

Chillida Leku.

A splendid opportunity to discover Chillida’s work and take a stroll around this marvellous museum while enjoying live concerts.

Three of the concerts will take place in the evenings of 21, 26 and 28 July, at 19:30, given respectively by Iñaki Salvador, Federica Michisanti and the MAC Saxophone Quartet fronted by Rosario Giuliani. The other two concerts are part of the Txikijazz programme and will take place at 12:30 on 25 and 27 July with performances by Noa & The Helldrinkers and Carole Alston.

Those coming by private car can use the car park in place for the event at Galarreta, taking the free shuttle bus from there to the museum.

Rundown of the programme

21 july

Iñaki Salvador: Txoria nuen maite (19:30 – 15€)

San Sebastián’s Iñaki Salvador has been a leading light in recent decades of Basque music and is unquestionably one of the greatest international representatives of our Jazz. The pianist and composer will bring a new take, set around improvisation and Jazz, on the music of Mikel Laboa, the figure par excellence of Basque song, with whom Salvador worked for 25 years.

25 july

Noa & The HellDrinkers (12:30 – 14€/ 7€ / 0 €)

Local group Noa & The HellDrinkers won first prize in the prestigious European Blues Challenge in 2023. A fantastic voice, that of Noa Eguiguren, accompanied by a fabulous band, bringing live performances packed with feeling and energy combined with a passion for blues, rhythm & blues, rock, funk...

Workshop: The Music Gate (Maushaus)

26 july

Federica Michisanti Quartet (19:30 – 15€)

The great Italian double bass player and composer and the exceptional French clarinettist Louis Sclavis, in the company of two extraordinary musicians: French cellist Vincent Courtois and Italy’s Michele Rabbia on the drums. Together they will play Michisanti’s compositions, with their sound drawing on European classical music and avant-garde Jazz, leaving space for spontaneous improvisation and interludes by the drums.

27 july

Carole Alston (12:30 – 14€/ 7€ / 0 €)

The singer hailing from Washington DC has developed her extensive professional career alternating her activity in the field of Jazz, performing in myriad festivals and clubs all over the world, with theatre where, apart from her extraordinary vocal skills, she has also displayed her talent as an actress. An artiste who adds her vast knowledge of Jazz language to her talent for gospel and blues, which, combined with her powerful stage presence and enormous experience, make Alston one of most interesting contemporary voices.

Workshop: The Music Gate (Maushaus)

28 july

MAC Saxophone Quartet – Rosario Giuliani: The Future of Tradition (19:30 – 15€)

A multidisciplinary project deeply rooted in the most noble of Italian music, where the typical art of Jazz improvisation embraces the style of the past. A voyage through Italian time and sound brought to us in its entirety by 5 sax players outstanding for their adeptness at updating tradition, featuring the great Rosario Giuliani.

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