Fantastic concerts, reunions and hugs to celebrate one of the editions with most attendees in the history of Jazzaldia

Iggy Pop at the Kursaal Auditorioa (Photo: Lolo Vasco).
Iggy Pop at the Kursaal Auditorioa (Photo: Lolo Vasco).

The 57th Jazzaldia has bagged the audience award

The audience was back for the 57th Jazzaldia as people flocked to all of the concerts on the programme, racking up a total of 150,000 aficionados who packed out the 14 stages. All enjoyed concerts of an excellent musical quality that will forever remain on our memories, at an edition once again boasting full houses and where stages were newly up and running like the one on the beach (Keler Gunea), while the Kursaal terraces recovered their atmosphere (Frigo Gunea and Fnac Gunea) and Nauticool re-opened its doors…

The Festival thanks and appreciates the response of a public whom, enjoying the good weather, not only packed out all of the venues but, yet another year, did it with exemplary behaviour and without a single incident. The city was inundated with music for six days, hosting 79 concerts where the atmosphere was one of celebration, partying and getting back together.

The excellence of the artists and their music was repeated throughout and the great stars of both Jazz and other genres treated us to memorable concerts amongst which some of the most outstanding were: Simple Minds, who drew 42,000 people to the Keler Gunea; Mulatu Astatke, recipient of the Donostiako Jazzaldia Saria award; Hiromi, who was an absolute joy accompanied by a string quartet in the Trinitate Plaza; Iggy Pop who, at his 75 years of age, revolutionised the Kursaal Auditorioa; Vintage Trouble, who had everyone up and dancing on the beach; Craig Taborn who delighted the audience with his improvisations at the Škoda San Telmo Museoa; Marco Mezquida & Juan de la Rubia who thrilled attendees at the FCC Victoria Eugenia Antzokia; Herbie Hancock, who made it perfectly clear that he remains on fine form and that he is one of the greatest Jazz musicians of all times...

Some information

  • 18,601 of the 21,051 tickets were sold, i.e. 88%. Purchases were made from 37 countries worldwide.
  • Škoda San Telmo Museoa: tickets on sale: 1,330. Total purchased. 773 (58%).
  • FCC Victoria Eugenia Antzokia: tickets on sale: 3,395. Total purchased: 3,047 (90%).
  • Kursaal Auditorioa: Tickets on sale: 8,870. Total purchased: 8,203 (92%).
  • Trinitate Plaza: tickets on sale: 6.056. Total purchased: 5,413 (90%).
  • This year we broadcast 14 free concerts in streaming mode.
  • Our social media notched up 39,400 followers.
  • Use of website in the last 30 days: 92.000 users, 426.000 visits, 1.200.000 events.
  • Use of website in the last 12 months: 202.000 users, 799.000 visits, 2.200.000 events.

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Poster 57 Jazzaldia 2022 (author: Ane Pikaza).

Poster 57 Jazzaldia 2022 (author: Ane Pikaza).


Txikijazz made a powerful return to celebrate its 10th edition, doubling the number of stages and spectators, and retrieving the workshops for children. From 21-25 July, Arima Soul, Carla Sevilla 5tet, Swingtronics, Lucia Fumero, Les Fous and Travellin’ Brothers attracted numerous families eager to enjoy the music and great atmosphere on the different stages.

Chillida Leku’s first time as a new Txikijazz venue was a huge success, gathering more than 700 people. In Garbera, those who came along to the shopping centre were able to enjoy 5 concerts of very fine quality. The fiesta closed by Swingtronics at the Fnac Gunea turned out to be a great event. The group ended its performance by coming down off the stage to dance with the delighted audience.