25 July 2024 • 21:00

Keler gunea

Paskal (keyboards, synthesizers, bass), Julen (drums, synthesizers, backing vocals), Sara (keyboards, vocals), Mikel (guitar)

Merina Gris is a group from San Sebastián formed in 2020 by Sara, Julen and Paskal. In 2022 they released their first album Zerua Orain. Since then they have earned audience and media acclaim, having given concerts in Spain’s top venues and festivals and having taken their music to several European countries.

Their music, rendered in Basque and Spanish, which they themselves define as “violent pop”, draws on the feelings, often contradictory, of a confused generation, overwhelmed by speed and immediacy, disillusioned and bogged down with unfulfilled dreams: anger and melancholy, anxiety and love, fear and partying, apathy and passion, darkness and optimism… All of this can be found in the meticulous detail of their songs with their delicate, subtle and all-enveloping sounds; but also in the thunderous explosions of rage and dance beats, lively and packed with energy.

Merina Gris is more interested in the “what” than the “who”, explaining why they always perform with their faces covered and keep their surnames secret, seeking an anonymity that highlights the content, which puts art at the forefront while giving them greater freedom of expression.