24 July 2024 • 20:45

Keler gunea

Izaro Andrés (vocals, piano, guitar), Garazi Esnaola (keyboard), Iker Lauroba (guitar), Julen Barandiaran (bass), Mattin Arbelaitz (drums)

Izaro garnered unprecedented success thanks to her first 4 albums, racking up millions of listens and sparking fame and renown that saw the singer from Mallabia perform on major stages and at big festivals in the Basque Country, Spain and Europe. By then she felt that she had to stop, to take herself out of the limelight, to return to normality, to an organic life where “she had to make her bed every day”. She needed to recover, to shut herself away, to get her strength back before starting to create with mature lucidity and find the courage to embark upon an unprejudiced inner journey.

The result, a year later, was cerodenero (2023), a creative exercise from an artist with experience, but with the urge to innovate and take risks, an album produced from a contemporary stance, embracing pop, roots and electronics. A work in which Izaro creates little gems, songs that convey love and anger, that talk about our world, about pain, public exposure and today’s society… In addition to singing and dancing, Izaro composed the songs and took charge of the artistic production alongside Eñaut Gaztañaga, while also art directing the music videos.

Izaro’s concert on the Keler Gunea beach stage will offer the perfect opportunity to join an artist who, while consolidated, is also in full evolution, in enjoying a marvellous voice, a singer with her own world who, from the very beginning, has shown a unique sensitivity and personality, and who now, with electronics and dance, brings a new dimension to her music.