25 July 2024 • 23:30

Keler gunea

Gabriel de la Rosa (vocals), Ander Cabello (bass), Erlantz Prieto (guitar, backing vocals), Daniel del Valle (guitar, keyboards), Joshua Froufe (drums, backing vocals)

Shinova, an indie/rock group formed in Berriz (Bizkaia) in 2008, released their first album, Latidos, the following year (2009). Since then, the band created by Gabriel de la Rosa and Ander Cabello has brought out a total of 7 albums.

Shinova has polished its style over the years, refining its sound, finding its place and racking up experience by hitting the road and giving concerts, whilst always remaining faithful to their deeply romantic and often motivational, optimistic and dynamic lyrics.

Album upon album, concert upon concert and festival upon festival, the group from Bizkaia has attracted followers, racking up increasingly greater success and positioning themselves as one of the best known groups in Spain’s indie scene.

Now they present their latest album, El Presente (2024), full of powerful and melodious songs, with a well-rounded, energy-packed sound. An excellent opportunity to see and hear this quintet who constantly give their all on stage, bringing a fantastic live performance with catching energy certain to get the whole audience going.